Types of Office Desk


You certainly often do activities that occasionally require you to visit an office or agency. To the bank, post office, to the doctor’s office or your child’s school for example. In those places, you must have seen and often seen the office desk. Although it’s as simple as an office desk you see, it will always be there and much needed. If you need it, you can visit Los Angeles Office Furniture.

In practice, office desks in addition to having general functions as a place to put stationery and office also have other functions as interior room filler and as a class indicator and social status.

General Function Office Desk: 1. Where to put the computer 2. Where to place Office Stationery 3. A place to receive guests or clients 4. Place put books and notes 5. Drawer table as a place to store work items needed

Special Functions of Office Desk 1. Bookmarks of class and social status, with the use of different tables, you also can immediately characterize what social status, occupation or position of the work user. 2. Interior filler room

Office table making materials use different materials. Of course, the basic ingredients for making the skeletons are solid wood, metal like iron or aluminum, or from plastic or rattan. Medium office coating material can consist of multiplex boards, fiberboard, MDF materials (Medium Density Fiberboard) and blockboard.

The placement, as well as the use of office desk, can be adjusted to the type of office desk. There are office desks made based on minimalist design, traditional design or standard concepts and conventional designs. Types of the table stay adapted its use with the concept of space underlying. For example, the office is engaged in the art design, then the office desk that is used should be the unique theme and high creativity value. While official and formal offices such as official offices or airline ticketing offices may require an official office desk. Models and minimalist design feels more suitable to fill an office like this. While the doctor’s office or the office of a dean enough to require a conventional office desk with the concept of standard but multifunctional.