Things to Know Before Charging Your Car Battery

Simply talk, Car Battery is an energy source for vehicles used to drive the starter and also for energy sources of lights and other instruments. There are 2 types of batteries of a car that is often used is dry battery and wet battery. The dry battery keeps the battery fluid but is filled directly from the factory, while the wet battery uses the liquid that can be filled by the user. Do you go to Garage Master Blog when it comes to buying car battery charger?

This liquid is acidic and the level of this liquid can be reduced if the battery is used. The reaction between the liquid and the cells contained in the battery can produce electricity, and continuous use will cause deposits on the battery cells. Therefore, it is necessary to charge electric energy by way of the case.

This recharge will cause the deposits on those cells which will restore the acidic level of the liquid, so as to produce electrical energy again. If the sediment in the battery cells is too much and can’t be parsed again, then the battery should be replaced with a new one.

What is the difference of wet battery and dry battery?

The difference in the two types of batteries (batteries) is not so much, a dry battery is still using the liquid in the battery. It’s just that direct fluid feeding is done by the manufacturer, and there are no holes to do the fluid feeding yourself. While the wet battery has holes to recharge the water, so we do not have to worry if the fluid in the level of a battery decreases. Simply open the lid on the battery cells, then add the battery water to each compartment.

What often causes the low battery?

Reduced electrical energy in the battery is influenced by many factors, but the most frequent cause car battery drop is forgotten to turn off the headlights when the car died, forgot to add the liquid battery (for wet batteries).