These are some of the tests that patients with diabetes usually take

As one disease that is greatly avoided by many people. Diabetes does require good treatment to be able to heal someone from the disease. for you who want to know how to treat a diabetic, check to be able to find out how the proper treatment of diabetics without using diabetes drugs.

A person who has experienced some diabetes symptoms usually will not hesitate to perform a diabetes test. Some tests that are usually done by people with diabetes are

1. Blood sugar test
Patients will be asked not to eat and drink between 8 to 12 hours before undergoing a blood test. A person with diabetes symptoms will usually have sugar levels above 126 mg/dl.

2. Hemoglobin Test
This blood test is performed to determine the average blood sugar levels. This test was done in every By measuring the percentage of blood sugar in the red blood cell. Patients will be declared to have diabetes if their hemoglobin level is 6.5% up.

3. Oral glucose tolerance test
Sample; the patient’s blood will be taken, and the patient will be asked to drink sugar. The next sample will be taken again the next two hours. Expressed diabetes if sugar content 200 mg/dl.