Retirement funding insurance product

In my experience of interacting with blog visitors, I meet many people who have not understood or are afraid to make their own investments in Mutual Funds. Usually many do not understand how Mutual Fund works, so do not want to do it yourself, although know the pension fund is important. Meanwhile, you may visit and hire the recommended financial service for pension plans.

For you who type like this, you should take the product pension funds from insurance. One example is the product output of Manulife, the Retire Link. Products that focus on preparing for retirement.

The essence of this pension product is the same as the choice of Mutual Funds + Traditional Insurance provides investment and protection. What’s different is the investment process in this product is much easier.

Customers simply make regular payments to insurance companies that will then allocate to instruments such as mutual funds and insurance. Customers need not bother to choose, buy and monitor their investment.

Because of its retirement focus, this product allocates a higher investment portion than the insurance portion of insurance. As a result, the pension funds received become larger. Suitable for you who already have insurance protection is quite high, maybe from other insurance, but still, want to increase investment for a pension.

To keep the pension funds wisely used, this product makes the withdrawal schedule at the age of 55 years, 60, 65, 70 and last 75. Every 5 years, the insurer gives an investment bonus that is instantly added to the investment value.

If the policyholder experiences a permanent disability, the insurance continues the premium payment until the age of 60 years. If death, life insurance benefit is paid and all value of an investment can be taken.