When the sensor of your AC gets wet

Now you do not need to panic again. This is because on this happy occasion, I will explain a few tips to overcome the AC control sensor that is exposed to water, causing the AC cannot be turned on by using the remote. Meanwhile, you can also visit www.airconservicingsingapore.com/ to find the reliable AC repair experts near you.

Here are the steps that you need to know:

Tips Overcoming Air Affected Sensor

Wipe the sensor eye by using a tissue or a soft, dry cloth.

If the first way can not, try to dry the eyes of the AC sensor using a hairdryer.

If the second way still can not, try unplugging the connection sensor connection to the module, then plug it in again, maybe the socket is loose.

If the three ways above still can not, most likely the AC sensor is damaged and must be replaced. For how to fix it try check PCB Module. If you are not very familiar with electronic modules / PCBs, try to ask for help as a TV technician or a better understood by electronic module ask to check and make sure that everything is fine.