SEO and user preferences must be taken care properly

Have you ever considered the possibility that SEO might not be the answer to all web questions ?. Try a small exercise. Go to your Google Analytics account (or whatever equivalent you use). Check your web data for the last 30 days and identify the main source of traffic you have. What is the ratio of people coming from organic search (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.), try to compare with those coming from the Social Media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.). Meanwhile, you can visit to hire the trusted SEO service in Los Angeles.

If most of the traffic comes from Social Media and it may indicate that people who visited your site actually heard from you or word of mouth. You should focus your resources on helping to increase traffic, instead of putting all your energy into SEO strategies that bring fewer visitors to your blog.

More importantly, how long do people stay at your site?

Very often with my website, I’ve noticed that people coming from the Social Media platform stay longer on my site and browse more pages than Google sends. Do you know why ?. Just because people coming from Facebook come after receiving a recommendation from one of their friends. They already KNOW that they will like my article.

Visitors coming from Google have no other info about my blog than Google itself. If my blog is not clear enough or using the right keywords, there is a big chance that people clicking on my link arrive on a different page than what they are looking for.