Know What Type Of Chemical In The Swimming Pool You Should Know

The swimming pool is a medium of entertainment for many people. Not infrequently, many people have it in their homes. Many of them are confused about how to get good pool water and how to get the water. this is very easy to do if you want to get a review of the tool, you can visit the website that have by Markus Robertson who can provide water pumps to create a swimming pool.

However, did you know that inside the pool there are also many chemicals to keep the water still usable? There are several types of chemicals that are usually used in it. The following are some types of materials in swimming pool water and how to maintain the ingredients.

– Chlorine type
These are substances that can kill bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms. This material may be sold in bottles similar to tablets, bars, and granules. The easiest type of chlorine is chlorine tablets of 7.5 cm in size. the substance is not too large and can dissolve longer. Know that chlorine tablets and bars packed in large boxes have binders and fillers keeping the tablets in them separate. The difference will be seen when chlorine dissolves.

– Select cyanuric acid
Although cyanuric acid is a material that stabilizes chlorine and prevents it from being destroyed by sunlight, it reduces the effectiveness of chlorine. If you make cyanuric acid, be sure to test the levels first. If the levels are too high, the same chlorine may not be able to sanitize the swimming pool water.

To keep pH levels in the pool water, the pH levels should be lowered by directly pouring muriatic acid in the deepest swimming pool. However, know that the granular acid is safer to use than muriatic acid. You should also check back the pH in the pond water after being filtered continuously for 6 hours. Then adjust the pH level if necessary. This is usually due to the low level of total pool water alkalinity.