How to maintain your tools

You certainly include qualified engineers who equip themselves with work equipment, do not we? Not only need to have tools, but you also have to do maintenance. Tools that are suddenly found to be damaged while in use will surely greatly disrupt your work. Meanwhile, you can go to Garage Master Blog and find the recommended toolboxes.

Here we share some practical ways of taking care of various work tools so as not to be damaged quickly.

Make sure the tool is restored in a clean condition after use. Clean the dust, dirt, grease, or remnants of material attached to the tool. The simplest cleaning method can be done with a dry or slightly damp cloth to avoid rust. In some power tools, dust and dirt can be sprayed with an air gun. If need to disassemble engine parts. Follow the cleaning instructions contained in the user guide or the packaging box of the equipment. When cleaning, position the tool properly. Insert the tape measure into the roller; loose drill, blade or grinding wheel from a machine; fasten the bolt on the machine; etc. Store tools in a bag or box for safe tools, avoid broken, damaged or exposed to dust. Power tools usually have a special box. For other tools, you can buy tool bags made from canvas or nylon, plastic or metal toolbox; or make yourself a wooden toolbox. Make sure storage does not make it difficult for you to find tools.

You should always emphasize this to yourself. Do not underestimate the improper use of tools. For example, plant nails with wrenches or drill walls with a wood drill. Trivial errors potentially damage the work tool (on the spot or slowly) and potentially cause work accidents. In fact, power tools can result in fatal injury if its use is not appropriate. Periodic treatments include grinding, lubrication, as well as adjustment. In order to provide the best performance, some work tools have to be sharpened to get sharp again. Markers (line markers, scratches, flashlights) can be sharpened with grinding; crabs can be honed with grindstones or grinders, and the sawtooth teeth can come back sharply when filed.