Choose Fruit For Juice In Your Diet Program By Noting These Things

If you’re on a diet or program to build muscle, you’ll find the right program and the right portion. In addition, another thing you need to consider is that you should be able to find food and drinks that are also good for the program you are running in order to get results from the program.

One of the beverages you can always consume while on a diet and in a muscle building program is juice. In choosing fruit to be consumed as juice, you need to know some of these tips.

– Choose Fruits that Contain High Fiber
You should choose fruits that contain high fiber. It makes you feel full longer and controls your food intake. Foods that contain fiber are the very right choice for you to churn your weight and build muscle. With fibrous foods, then you can suppress needed to consume food in large quantities or more than what you need.

– Appropriate Juice Portion
According to research, you need to consume the fruit in the right portion each day. It depends on your age and weight. an adult will need 80 grams of fruit each day. If used as a juice, then you should consume juice as much as 150 ml and without the addition of artificial sweeteners such as sugar or syrup. Juice in this portion can fill you without feeling excessive.

– Know the Right Time
The right time to consume fruit juice is during the morning or at least half an hour before meals. Morning becomes the best time because the stomach is still in empty condition because it has not consumed any food. In addition, the juice will not be absorbed properly if drunk together at mealtime. So, you do have to know the right time to consume juice and make sure that the juice is not added any sweetener including sugar.