Avoid these sources of pain that can attack your teeth

Dental caries, aka rotten teeth, is another cause you often experience pain in the teeth. Small cavities in the outer layer of the tooth (enamel) are usually painless, but once decay redeems through the enamel and affects the inner tooth (dentin), the tooth becomes extremely sensitive. If left unchecked, this condition then leads to the formation of a tooth opening. Therefore, checking your teeth regularly at dentists in Markham is highly recommended.

In advanced dental caries, the decay takes place deeper, down to the innermost layer of the tooth (pulp), resulting in intense intense pain. Infection from tooth decay can cause tooth death and cause an abscess (clumping of pus) under the roots of the tooth. These infections can spread and cause more tooth decay and gum disease.

In addition, avoid the habit of grinding your teeth.

Do you have a habit of grinding your teeth during sleep? From now on, change this bad habit. The reason, the habit of grinding your teeth can cause nerve damage, which ultimately leads to complaints of pain in your teeth.

Most people can not realize they are doing this habit, especially during sleep. In addition, emotional stress and tension are the main causes of the habit of grinding the teeth. If your teeth become more sensitive lately, so it’s more yellow or flat surface, or you wake up with a dull pain behind your head or jaw, you might grind your teeth in your sleep.